There are three ways to become a Shrine & Temple Carpenter:

1.Shrine & Temple Carpenters Training School

2.Apprentice System

3.Vocational School


A school to train shrine & temple carpenters incorporates positive aspects of the apprentice system and vocational schools to fit the modern age.
Through a three-year program, we train candidates into skillful shrine & temple carpenters.


・Acquisition of the artisan lifestyle
・Effectively mastering techniques through
・Lower cost

Shrine & Temple Carpenters Training Program: 1.95 million yen per 3-year program
(Vocational School:
 5.7 million yen per 3-year program)


・Need to live at the school on weekdays
 (Mondays through Fridays)


First, candidates apply for apprenticeship with the Master of Shrine & Temple Carpenters in order to become a live-in apprentice at his house.
Apprenticeship training takes 10 years, during which candidates also do chores related to food, clothing and shelter.


・Opportunity to learn techniques


・No personal time
・Need for 10 years of training
・No permission to do actual work is
 given for a long time
・Grueling training that leaves only
 a handful of candidates out of
 100 after 10 years


Just as with common vocational schools, candidates go through an established, three-year curriculum.


・Learning along the curriculum


・Expensive (5.7 million yen per 3-year program)
 (Training Program: 1.95 million yen per 3-year program)
・Candidates are likely to become too theoretical — thus likely to quit
 soon as they are less likely to have acceptable skills onsite.
・A 10-year training is necessary after graduation.